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Open Business Club Event Cardiff Open Coffee 5th August 2014

The fantastic Open Business Club with its Cardiff Open Coffee next FREE event.
Everyone welcome on the 5th August 2014 6-9pm at Tiger Tiger Blanca Lounge.

All the previous events photos can be seen here, now with videos testimonials where this business network has had the pleasure to welcome over 1500 unique visitors over its two and half years since the network started. It is also now…

Cardiff Business Social Network Events

The popular business network Cardiff Open Coffee biggest and most successful of its kind.

Providing attendees a great experience without compromising on quality and business results. Book here.
The next event on 1st July 2014 6-9pm free bookings here with a wonderful quality venue Revolution Cardiff Night Jar Room.
Our inspiring talk is by Cindy Williams and will include an…

Wales Free Business Networking Events

Wales Free Business Network Event
Amazing Speaker Adam Brooks Great talk entitled: Little Voices.
Ever stopped and wondered why you keep missing those vital targets and goals? Want to know what to do about it?
Come to Cardiff Open Coffee on the 4th February 2014 Tiger Tiger Cardiff Blanca Lounge 6pm free registrations here.
Our Network is A FREE inclusive business networking wher…

Cardiff Coffee Wales Free Business Network Social

Wales Free Business Network Social Cardiff
Book now here for next
The Next 4th February 2014 from 6pm.
On the next event we have a talk by the famous Erin Martin (Personal Life Coach) which is not to be missed.
Don’t forget to keep in touch in the meantime via our newly updated website on by adding your profile contact details and photo to make it easy to interact wit…

Wales Free Business Social Network

Wales Free Business Network Event
Cardiff Open Coffee another amazing event last Tuesday 5 November 2013 at Tiger Tiger Cardiff.
Cardiff Free Business Network, the next event is now on the 3 December 2013 and free bookings can be made on here.
Many thanks to everyone that attended the event on bonfire night it was quite special meeting you all with your dedication, determination and…

Cardiff Free Business Networking Event

Cardiff Free Business Network
The Cardiff Open Coffee Network Presenting A Special Talk by Robert Wakeford on the Power of the Mind for Business!
Continuing on the success of the last network event of Cardiff Open Coffee Free Business Network, the next is on the 5th November 2013 6pm at Tiger Tiger Cardiff. 
FREE tickets can be booked on HERE, Everyone is Welcome and we look forward to…

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